March 02 , 2021

The Benefits of Exit Planning

Some people assume that exit planning is only appropriate when selling a company. However, owners can receive a number of great benefits by investing in this essential service. At Burns Valuation, we provide business valuation and consulting services for local businesses in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area including business appraisals, shareholder buyouts, buy and sell agreements, corporate acquisition consultation, divorce settlement advice and exit planning. Here are just a few of the reasons why business owners often prioritize exit planning, even if they have no intention of selling or leaving their company in the near future.

Understand the Value of Your Business

Exit planning can give you in depth understanding of the value of every aspect of your business. From inventory and investments, there are many considerations to make when determining a successful exit strategy that is best for your unique situation. This information can pinpoint areas of improvement and provide interesting opportunities that may have otherwise gone unseen.

Make Your Company More Desirable to Banks and Investors

By having an in-depth understanding of the value of your assets, you can make your business much more attractive to banks and individual investors. This benefit can provide more capital to advance the goals of your company so you can reach new heights.

Improve the Self-Sufficiency of Managers and Staff

Managers and employees may be highly dependent on the skills and opinions their top supervisor, which can limit the owner’s growth and personal achievement in other capacities. Exit planning can help you create a business that is more independent. By increasing the expectations of management and redefining the roles of staff at all levels, the owner can enjoy more time for other pursuits and responsibilities.

Strengthen Your Negotiation Position

Are you considering collaborating with another business? Then exit planning can provide you with insights that will improve your negotiating position, so you are sure to maximize the value of your partnerships.

Prepare for Retirement and Unexpected Events

Even if you have no plans to leave your business now, eventually the time will arrive. Unexpected situations will inevitably arise, and it can give owners peace of mind to know that there are strategies in place that can lead to a swift and stress-free transition. Illness, divorce, relocation and early retirement are just a few common life events that may require a shift in focus. Make the process simpler in the future by becoming prepared today.

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