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Selling your business to a strategic buyer that may have a strategy of growth through corporate acquisitions can be a good exit strategy for business owners in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, GA and all other cities. Generally a business owner will receive the highest value in this scenario because of the synergistic benefit in a corporate acquisition. These buyers are generally willing to pay more for the added benefits. If you are looking professional help for corporate acquisition in Atlanta or any other cities, contact the experts at Burns Valuation today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your project.

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However, few business owners exit their businesses with this strategy in mind. Many business owners want to continue their involvement with a business that they built sometime s from the ground up. The misconception is they will be forced out immediately if sold under a corporate acquisition scenario. In many cases this couldn’t be further from the true.

Corporate Acquisition in Atlanta

Nevertheless, the most sought after exit strategy is restructure the business owner’s job description to go from day to day operator to focus on planning management development (succession planning), and reviewing progress as part of the board of directors. This role change can add the highest value to the company located in Atlanta or any other cities in the USA. But for an owner looking to exit the business and “cash out”, he/she can still stay on as consultant in a corporate acquisition scenario in Atlanta, GA or any surrounding cities and most often do especially when business operations differ from the suitor in terms geography, service/product line, operations, etc.

Other exit options that could be considered:

  • Family members can be “groomed” to run the company.
  • Sell a minority interest in the business to a partner. This could allow for additional capital, new customers, new intellectual property, and free time for the owner.
  • Sell the business to the management team (Management Buy Out) and find a financing vehicle to fund the transfer of ownership.

Do you know the Value of Your Business?

Very few do! Businesses are valued based on cash flows, market data of similar businesses sold, net asset value/liquidation value, or a combination of these factoring in risk. A valuation at the outset of succession and exit planning is needed in order to provide a base for measuring progress in anticipation of a liquidity event (i.e., corporate acquisition). The valuation process will highlight value drivers to leverage during the strategic planning process. As such, management performance and incentive plans should be based on the value created in his process. The valuation can also be an ideal management tool for evaluating progress to the strategic plan and mechanism for determining value of a Buy/Sell Agreements.

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