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We offer sound divorce advice and guidance throughout the process for Real Estate and Financial Planning issues in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, GA and all nearby cities. Call now to speak to an expert to learn more about what will happen to your business while your divorce case is under process. Our trusted advisory services help our clients devise fair financial settlements, understand tax issues, avoid financial pitfalls, and come up with viable options for real estate holdings (i.e., “The House”). In the process, we can help significantly reduce your legal costs. 

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Some of the areas we specialize in:   

Divorce Settlement Agreements – we work as a financial neutral, one-party adviser, litigation/mediation consultant

  • Business Valuation – what is your business worth?
  • Stock Options and Pension Valuations – know the value of these assets before signing incl. options for dividing
  • Options for Property Division– what constitutes marital property and spousal support, avoid financial pitfalls and anticipate tax issues
  • Project Cash Flow and Net Worth–life post divorce, analyze income, expenses, and assets. Click Here for Example
  • Lifestyle- Can you afford the house? What changes are needed for better financial health?

Divorce and Real Estate Solutions - we evaluate all aspects of real estate holdings and provide options.

  • Acquisition helping you find a new house or place to live
  • Equity Sale marketing expertise via internet and PHP networks
  • Short Sale What if your house is under water? How do you qualify? What do you need to work with the bank?
  • Market analysis What is your house worth?

If divorce is the only answer, the right divorce advisor in key areas such as these can save you thousands in legal process costs, help ensure you receive fair and equitable settlement terms, and make smart choices for a new life. Going  through a divorce can be very overwhelming and emotional, so it’s easy to  overlook some of the financial ramifications of the process, which can be extremely significant to both spouses,  and mistakes or oversights on either side may have a life long impact on one’s  financial well-being.

team plugs in to help clients through every stage of the Divorce Process:

Pre Filing:

  • Financial Counseling to understand root cause and financial options to divorce
  • Understand financial concepts of marital property and support
  • Two-Party Negotiation – develop financial settlement proposals prior to working with your attorney


  • Financial Affidavit Preparation
  • Forensic Analysis of financial statements, bank statements, tax returns, etc.
  • Business or Pension Value, QDRO Preparation

Litigation, Mediation and/or Negotiation:

  • Develop settlement scenarios to understand what each means in terms cash flow and net worth
  • Facilitate understanding and decision-making
  • Expert witness on financial matters

Post Decree Planning:

  • Examine lifestyle changes (e.g., job change, sell the house)
  • Investment/Asset Analysis, Insurance
  • Examine Real Estate Holdings and devise strategies

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