February 28 , 2018

Why have business valuation?

Business Valuation in Sandy Springs

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A business valuation provides very useful information. When completed by a Valuation Expert with proper credentials, the business appraisal will be provided in a document that analyzes every aspect of your business from historical ratios to benchmarks to forecasts and all qualitative factors in between. A business valuation is a process in which operations are evaluated completely and an estimated economic value determined. It also provides supported analysis on the current state of you business to help you better manage your business to perform well in the future and increase its value.

There are several reasons to have a thorough review of the worth of your business. Selling your business is just one of them. Other reasons you might consider a business valuation:

  • Adding a new owner or buying out a partnership that doesn’t work any longer. Understanding the right numbers allows you to set a buy-in (or out) amount for him/her
  • Exit strategy and estate planning Knowing the value of your business allows you to create a better plan, whether you plan to sell, pass it along or close up shop all together.
  • Family situation can create need for a business valuation. Business owners going through divorce proceedings often need to know the value of their business so they can negotiate settlements as more often than not a business is considered marital property.
  • Corporate buy back of franchise operations – both franchisor and franchisee can benefit from a sound analysis and report of the risks and opportunities of different operators.
  • A performance evaluation of the current state of your business as noted above

I have extensive experience in all of these situations as well as intense training in valuation theory, 20+ years of corporate/business experience, litigation support, financial planning, and investments. Call me 770-380-2406 direct to discuss your situation.