March 16 , 2021

Expert Witness in Divorce

Divorce settlements can be a lengthy and complicated process, but when a company or family-owned business is part of the negotiations, things can quickly become even more challenging. At Burns Valuation, we provide professional business valuation and exit planning services in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. In many cases, our clients need our services during a divorce. It is common for valuation professionals to be called upon as expert witnesses, particularly when a judge wants to better understand the value and operations of a business.

Why Might a Valuation Expert Be Needed as an Expert Witness in Divorce Proceedings?

A judge may not have an in depth understanding of how to properly determine a company’s value. If a business becomes part of the negotiations between two divorcing parties, it can be difficult to know how to fairly divide assets. This is especially true when additional partners or shareholders are involved. A business valuation expert will have the insight to thoroughly examine the company’s assets and develop a professional analysis of the operational details. This can help the judge find a solution that is fair and impartial.

Understanding the Discovery Process

During civil cases, parties have the right to a discovery. The discovery process involves formal investigations that are designed to bring more details of the case to the surface. Discovery can involve written questions called interrogatories and subpoenas for relevant documents and reports. The experts at Burns Valuation can help lawyers determine the best information to request in a discovery.

What Are Depositions?

Depositions are sometimes used during the discovery process to acquire important information from witnesses. Depositions do not involve the use of documents or reports but are focused on a witness’s answers to questions provided by the attorneys. This provides an opportunity for the parties involved to become much more familiar with the details and facts of a case before the trial begins. A deposition can have conflicting narratives that may or may not sway the perspective of a judge. Therefore, a well-presented testimony can be crucial to the outcome of a divorce. Therefore, if an expert witness is called upon for assistance, they must have the credentials and professionalism necessary to give a proper testimony. Even those who have excellent business valuation skills may flounder in a court room setting due to inexperience, the high-pressure atmosphere or a lack of confidence during legal proceedings.

Do You Need a Valuation Expert During Your Divorce Settlement? Call Burns Valuation Today

Are you looking for a credible expert witness that can assist with your divorce? Then make sure that you hire someone with the experience necessary. Call or visit Burns Valuation. Our qualified, experienced professionals can help provide a fair and objective third-party assessment of the value of your business. We proudly offer premium valuation and exit planning services for local clients in Atlanta, Duluth, Sandy Springs, Canton, Alpharetta, Milton, Georgia and nearby locations. Our team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Contact our office to learn more about our services or to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.